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Printed Electronic and Graphic Display Masks from Murakami

MURAKAMI offers the Printed Electronic and Graphic Display industries world class, top quality screen masks by utilizing years of precision screen mask manufacturing and the development of proprietary materials and process techniques.  Read More>

PE Mask


Contact our Technical Support Department for more information at: 1.800.562.3534 or 323.980.0662

New Murakami Products

Introducing New Asada Stainless Steel Wire Mesh

1The World’s finest stainless steel wire mesh manufactured by Asada Mesh Co. LTD. for over 70 years. Used for high quality screen printing for electronics applications. Features Include: High Definition, Wide Openings, Thick, Ultra Hard and Super Thin. Applications Include: MLCC, MLCI, Chip Resistor, Large Flat Panel Display, Touch Panel, Cover Layers, Photovaltaic, Surface Mount Technology, Black Matrix, Printed Electronics, Flexible Printed Circuit and Printed Wired Boards.

International Trade Shows

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SGIA VEGAS WITH TEXTClick on this link or the image above for more information on the SGIA Show Las Vegas 2016