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Screen Isometric w auto squeegee Expanded
Murakami can help your company make a better stencil, call us today.

  • Is you emulsion breaking down too quickly?
  • Are you seeing your new screens lose tension quickly?
  • Are you having trouble determining proper exposure time?
  • Is that new ink causing your screens to breakdown?
  • Then give us a call at 1.800.562.3534, we can help.
Murakami Tech Support

Murakami Technical Support has solutions for your screen department.  We can help evaluate your current pre-press process to get the most out of your screen room. The solution to your stencil needs is just a phone call away;1.800.562.3534.

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New Murakami T9 and Photocure WSR Emulsions

T9 and WSR for New Products Website 2
New Murakami Emulsions: Murakami T9 and Photocure WSR are Murakami’s two newest screen printing emulsions that can print all textile inks without the need for hardening the emulsion.  Reclaiming is easy, Click here to see a video on how easy this new emulsion reclaims.

Murakami T9 is a pure photopolymer and exposes fast with good mesh bridging and great resolution. Photocure WSR is a dual cure emulsion with excellent resolution of fine details. Both emulsions preserve your mesh investment with easy reclaiming.. Contact us for more information




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