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Murakami Screen offers precision stretched screens for many print applications.
Electronics  |  Solar Cells  |  Membrane Switches  |  Medical Devices  |  Graphics

MURAKAMI offers world class, top quality screen masks by utilizing
years of precision screen mask manufacturing experience.  We have developed
many proprietary materials and screen process techniques to produce excellent
precision screen masks to meet your specific requirements.

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New Murakami T9 and WSR Emulsions

NEW: Murakami T9 & WSR Emulsion

T9 and WSR for New Products Website 2
Murakami T9 and Murakami WSR can print all textile inks without the need for hardening the emulsion.  These emulsions are resistant to water base, discharge, high solid acrylics and plastisol ink systems.  Reclaiming is easy, Click here to see a video on how easy this new emulsion reclaims.  With either of these emulsions you can preserve your fine mesh counts and print any ink system with ease. Contact us for more information




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Discover the difference high-quality stencils from Murakami can make in your shop.  Improve shop productivity and achieve superior print quality in one easy step.
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