Thickness Gauge

Murakami’s Thickness Gauge accurately measures the difference between the mesh thickness and the emulsion thickness to obtain accurate emulsion over mesh measurements. EOM percentages from 4-12% are common with the lower amount typical for graphics and the upper amount typical for water base and discharge printing.


  • Consistent Emulsion Over Mesh creates predictable exposures.  Once a screen mesh exposure time has been calculated, all following screens will have similar performance on press, for all applications.
  • Hand Coating:  Typically in a busy apparel shop there may be multiple workers who coat screens.  When their screens are measured with a thickness gauge the EOM can range from 0% to 20% using the same coater.  Once their EOM percentage is known there are techniques to apply that can bring coating under control.
  • Automatic Coating:  A thickness gauge helps determine the EOM of coated screens and allows the operator to adjust pressure, speed and number of strokes to achieve the target EOM for his applications

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