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Basic Screen Room Training

This month’s newsletter gets back to the basics of screen making. Spring is the start of the busy season in screen printing with new companies opening their doors and new employees that need to know how to make a screen. Not just any screen mind you, but a screen that... Continue Reading

The Power of S Mesh

The Power of S Threads Today’s screen printing world is in the midst of major change. PVC and Pthalate free inks are being used more and more, but they print far differently than any ink you have used in the past. Plastisol will still have its’ place, but many major... Continue Reading

IME and PE Custom Made Screens

Screens available for IME application Murakami offers the most advanced, high quality screens for IME and other PE applications. Technical consultation is available in order to build screen masks satisfying various print targets; registration accuracy, paste deposit... Continue Reading

How to separate art for 3D foiling

3D Foiling Trick Within a Discharge Print Foiling has regained popularity over the past few years as an accent for water base and discharge ink prints. Generally however the foiling falls short of the sparkle that foil can have when it is applied over a textured base.... Continue Reading

Screen Room Design for a Small Auto Shop

Screen Room Design How It Effects Exposure Quality In last month’s newsletter we discussed exposure lamps and their effect on emulsion exposure. The screen room also plays an important role in exposure quality and how it performs on press. In most shops the screen... Continue Reading

Automatic Presses: Maximizing Production

Automatic Textile Presses The Hidden Costs Automatic textile presses require more company resources than meets the eye. Too often owners look past the cost of the press payments and focus only on the potential profits of increased production capacity. When profit... Continue Reading

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Murakami Technical Support Helpline

Why wait for a show?  Contact us today for technical Support, for screen room training needs or screen making questions; 323.980.0662 800.562.3534 ...

Murakami Pre-stretched Screens

Murakami Screen uses Smartmesh on all pre stretched and re-stretched screens.  Smartmesh retains excellent working tensions for more jobs at optimum tension.  Get longer life out of your stretch and glue frames with excellent print...

Murakami LED Emulsions

The emulsions above can be exposed well on LED exposure units. Excellent resolution and durability. For additional technical information please call: 1.800.562.3534 Expose the Quality ...