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Category: Smartmesh Tips

The Power of S Mesh

The Power of S Threads Today’s screen printing world is in the midst of major change. PVC and Pthalate free inks are being used more and more, but they print far differently than any ink you have used in the past. Plastisol will still have its’ place, but many major... Continue Reading

Murakami Pre-stretched Screens

Murakami’s Pre Stretched Screens with Smartmesh: Screen mesh technology has come a long way from the 12xx multilament mesh days. For those too young to know what 12xx means; this was a typical mesh made of multiple threads that screen printers used before monolament... Continue Reading

Using S Thread Mesh from Murakami

Using Thin Thread Mesh Discharge Ink: Discharge Prints are more vibrant and have greater details using the proper thin thread mesh. S-thread mesh allows the ink to pass with ease through a greater open area than is achievable with T thread mesh. Typically to get good... Continue Reading

How to prevent Moire

Moire: How to prevent Moire from appearing in your print especially your textile base plates. Moire is the interference of halftones and mesh. This interference is the result of mesh or mesh knuckles blocking some or part of the halftones in an image. Generally moire... Continue Reading

Stretching Smartmesh on Common Stretching Devices

Stretching Screen Mesh The most important part of the screen printing process involves how your mesh is tensioned. The common school of thought is tighter is better. Quite often a ‘ballpark’ figure is used, ‘I stretch all my screens to 30 newtons.’ Lets look at this... Continue Reading

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Murakami Technical Support Helpline

Why wait for a show?  Contact us today for technical Support, for screen room training needs or screen making questions; 323.980.0662 800.562.3534 ...

Murakami Pre-stretched Screens

Murakami Screen uses Smartmesh on all pre stretched and re-stretched screens.  Smartmesh retains excellent working tensions for more jobs at optimum tension.  Get longer life out of your stretch and glue frames with excellent print...

Murakami LED Emulsions

The emulsions above can be exposed well on LED exposure units. Excellent resolution and durability. For additional technical information please call: 1.800.562.3534 Expose the Quality ...