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Basic Screen Room Training

This month’s newsletter gets back to the basics of screen making. Spring is the start of the busy season in screen printing with new companies opening their doors and new employees that need to know how to make a screen. Not just any screen mind you, but a...

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The Power of S Mesh

The Power of S Threads Today’s screen printing world is in the midst of major change. PVC and Pthalate free inks are being used more and more, but they print far differently than any ink you have used in the past. Plastisol will still have its’ place, but...

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¿Quién dirige el Shop?

As a company grows an owner may have moved from a labor position to a management position. Gone are the days when screens were prepared correctly. Owner’s look around the shop as they grow and replace themselves with the highest qualified candidates...

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Cómo evitar el muaré

Moire: How to prevent Moire from appearing in your print especially your textile base plates. Moire is the interference of halftones and mesh. This interference is the result of mesh or mesh knuckles blocking some or part of the halftones in an...

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Usando Murakami Película

Plantillas de Película Gruesa de Murakami abren un gran rango de técnicas de impresión que pueden mejorar los gráficos de siempre y dar nuevas ofertas de impresión a sus clientes.  La Película Gruesa de Murakami tiene un rango de grosor de...

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Screen Printing Mesh

Murakami Pre-Stretched Screens

Murakami Pre Stretched Screens can be stretched with any of our Smartmesh meshes.  Stretched on precision stretchers with balanced tensions from frame to frame and consistent mesh to frame orientation for predictable halft...