Exposure Lamp Comparison

Exposure Systems Your exposure system determines your success screen printing. Case Study: I once owned the finest automatic presses available, had a state of the art computer graphic system, and a sales force that filled my shop with orders,...

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How to coat emulsions

Coating Screens for Consistent Results We visit many shops each year to evaluate stencil issues and to shed some light on the various processes involved in making screens. Larger shops often have automatic coaters while smaller shops perform hand coating....

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My screens won’t reclaim easily Why?

My Screens Won’t Reclaim Easily, Why? First what do you clean your screens with? What does your screen cleaner have to do with screen reclaiming you may wonder? Well emulsions when underexposed are still sensitive to both light and solvent based chemistry...

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Using Murakami Thick Film

Murakami Thick Film Stencils can open up creative print techniques that can enhance standard graphics and provide new print offerings for your customers. Murakami Thick Film has film thicknesses ranging from 100-1000 microns to cover many...

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Murakami LED Emulsions

Murakami T9 as well as all other SBQ pure photopolymer emulsions and diazo based emulsions all expose well on LED exposure systems.   Call us today for a recommendation for your shop: 1.800.562.3534 Expose the...

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Murakami T9 – the new star in textile emulsion

  Murakami T9 – as seen at the ISS Show Long Beach 2018 Murakami T9 can print water base, discharge, plastisol, and high solid acrylic inks without the need for hardening.  Fast Exposing, excellent resolution and durabililty provides a single emulsion for...

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Latest Posts

Murakami T9 Emulsion for all textile inks

Murakami T9 can print all textile ink systems, often without the need for hardeners.  The emulsion exposes well on LED and conventional Metal Halide exposure systems.  Excellent resolu...
Screen Printing Mesh

Murakami Pre-stretched Screens

Murakami Pre Stretched Screens can be stretched with any of our Smartmesh meshes.  Stretched on precision stretchers with balanced tensions from frame to frame and consistent mesh to frame orientation for predictable halftone angles.   Screens retain higher workable tensions for more jobs with e...

Murakami Technical Support Helpline

Contact us today for technical Support, for screen room training needs or screen making questions; 323.980.0662 800.562.3534 ...