Murakami Electronic Precision Screen Masks

 Precision Screen Masks: The science of materials and imaging technology has been driving printed electronics (PE) to a new level of sophistication and precision requirements once considered to be impossible to realize. Screen printing is still adopted as the most cost efficient and reliable imaging method for volume production platforms. The challenge, however, is massive and deep surpassing conventional experiences and know-how.PE Mask

MURAKAMI offers the industry world class, top quality screen masks for PE or graphic displays by utilizing years of precision screen mask manufacturing and the development of proprietary materials and process techniques. Explore more with MURAKAMI for your next projects. Contact MURAKAMI for more details.

  • Proprietary photopolymer emulsions and films
  • Special calendared and surface treated stainless steel wire mesh
  • Minimal distortion of X.Y dimensions and precise paste deposit
  • CAD processing, High Res imaging
  • Customized approach to each individual print engineering task
  • Quality certification standards and implements
  • Top rated cost efficiency and reliability


Applications: Photovoltaic (PV), Automobile components and displays, Membrane switches and displays, PCB, LTCC, MLCC and other precision printed electronics requirements.

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