MS Hardener is a one part emulsion hardener that is applied to both sides of the screen after it is exposed, developed, blocked out, and dried.  It improves stencil water resistance for water base and discharge printing yet still allows for the stencil to be reclaimed. After applying emulsion hardener to both sides of the screen, place in the sun or a  100 degree hot box for optimum results. Screen remains reclaimable when all process techniques are followed.


Hardeners A&B provide ultimate water resistance for waterbase and discharge ink systems.  Mix the emulsion hardener A&B in  equal parts and apply to the stencil after exposure, development, and drying. Once mixed the solution remains active for 24hrs. If emulsion is used as a block out it should be exposed prior to applying Hardeners A&B. After application the emulsion is semi permanent and may be hard to reclaim, especially on finer meshes.  Designed for use in long run water base and discharge ink printing where ultimate screen durability is needed.  Reclaiming is possible if HR-700 is applied for 5 minutes, then rinsed off with a hose prior to applying emulsion remover to the stencil.


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