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Photocure PRO: Excellent graphic emulsion with outstanding resolution of details.  This easy to use dual cure emulsion exhibits a wide latitude of exposure to help capture the finest design elements. Print enamels, epoxies and UV inks with crisp line work or capture the complete tonal range of your image. Available in light red emulsion color with more translucency and image contrast.

SP-9500: Murakami’s premier graphic emulsion, SP-9500 excels where other emulsions fail.  Designed to handle extremely hot solvent inks like vinyls and industrial inks systems without breaking down.  SP-9500 can withstand agressive wash up chemistries like acetone, MEK, and other hot solvents without losing image quality.

One Pot Sol C: Murakami’s premier emulsion, One Pot Sol C can hold the finest halftones and details possible in a direct emulsion.  This fast exposing emulsion excels in difficult graphic imagery where maximum stencil resolution results in the best print possible.

One Pot WL: Like One Pot Sol C, One Pot WL has the best resolution power of any Murakami emulsion.  The WL designation stands for ‘wide latitude’ that helps resolve incredibly fine details easier, especially on high wattage systems where One Pot Sol C may expose very fast.  One Pot Sol WL’s wider exposure latitude helps the screen printer hold fine details and copy.

Photocure SR: Strong image contrast and 1:1 reproduction of art keeps customers coming back for this excellent SBQ Emulsion.  Photocure SR offers excellent stencil quality in a premium pure photopolymer emulsion at an economical price.

SP-3000: This diazo based emulsion is an economical alternative that provides a strong stencil with many of the qualities Murakami is known for.  This durable emulsion coats and reclaims easily and can be used for all graphic type printing.

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