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Moisture Meter: Measure the internal moisture level of your emulsion with one easy read button.  Press the metal sensors agains the dry emulsion to determine if it is ready to expose.  This measures the internal moisture levels, not what may feel dry to the touch.


  • Stronger Exposures: When the entire emulsion film is dry it will expose much better.
  • Better Press Performance: Once screens are dry and exposed well, presses stop less for pinholes, or stencil issues.
  • Controlling Screen Room Environment: High levels of humidity due to poor ventilation, wet weather, wet air due to nearby reclaiming will prevent screens from reaching the ‘green’ area of the meter.  This indicates excess humidity is preventing screens from drying completely.  Adding dehumidifiers, HVAC, or moving reclaiming/developing processes will show better moisture levels in the emulsion when measured with a moisture meter.

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