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Murakami offers 2 types of S mesh. LX-S Mesh and Standard Polyester S-Mesh. Both have advantages. LX S-Mesh has very little RZ value, the mesh knuckles are very minimal requiring less squeegee pressure. Plastisol, Water Base, and Discharge Inks transfer very easily through LX Mesh. See guide below for available mesh counts.
LX-Mesh is different.  The photo to the left shows the increased open area and improved mesh knuckles.  LX Mesh is a type of ‘S’ mesh and contains a proprietary thread that allows easier passage of inks.  The mesh knuckles are specially bonded to reduce squeegee friction and allow less squeegee pressure to transfer the inks.

Standard Polyester S Mesh resists squeegee abrasion better, especially in shops that do not adjust squeegee angles or pressure.  Typically with all S mesh you can use slightly more angle and less pressure than is needed for T or HD mesh.  The benefits listed below also apply to Polyester S-Mesh with the exception of the thread construction.  LX has unique thread construction.  See mesh guide below for available mesh counts.


  • Less squeegee pressure needed.
  • Stronger base plate opacity.
  • Softer Hand plastisol prints.
  • More retained details in the print.
  • Stronger color for discharge with more image detail.
  • Higher mesh counts can be used with similar results to lower mesh counts.
  • 45 and 55 line halftones can be imaged on 150LX and 180LX.

Available S-Mesh Thread Counts by Mesh Type:


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