Pre Stretched: Precision stretched to optimum tensions. Wide variety of mesh from 15T to 460S. Optimally stretched for each mesh count.  Smartmesh retains workable tensions to print many more jobs. Mesh is stretched square to the frame at consistent tension levels for accurate registration and print quality. Mesh Guide

Frame Sizes: 20×24″, 23×31″, 25×36″ Aluminum Frames

Pre Coated Screens: Screens can be ordered pre-coated for optimum Emulsion Over Mesh percentage.  Available only with a pure SBQ emulsion for long storage life.  Choose from our line of SBQ emulsions for Graphics, Electronics, or Textile. Ships in light safe packaging and arrives ready to shoot.

Imaged Screens: We also offer imaged screens. We do require a technical review of your project so that we can advise on mesh counts, emulsion type, inks to be used, and other parameters that may be necessary to make your screens.  All screens are imaged on metal halide lamps for complete exposure and the highest durability and resolution possible.

  • Murakami Mesh Guide: Any of the meshes shown in the mesh guide can be stretched onto our stock frames or we can make custom size frames that are designed to stay flat and hold tensions.
    >Smartmesh retains tension well and holds superior registration during the print run.
    >Smartmesh maintains mesh opening shape and thread location to avoid spot moire and improve print quality.
    >Smartmesh threads resist AEP or Accumulated Elongation Percentage. The repeated force of the squeegee motion causes competitor’s mesh to elongate and lose register.  Smartmesh has memory and returns image elements to their original registration point and resists AEP elongation.


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Pre Stretched Screens

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Murakami Pre-stretched Screens

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Pre Stretched Screens

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