Murakami Process Tools take the guess work of screen making.  You can greatly improve the durability, resolution, and print quality by taking control of your screen room.  Tension meters keep screens tight for better registration and prints.  Moisture Meters tell when the screen is dry enough to expose.  Thickness gauges help standardize emulsion coating to obtain the perfect emulsion over mesh stencil thickness and a high quality microscope will tell you if your process is correct with 100x magnification of haltones to examine ink gasket, over or under exposure, and how well the emulsion captured the fine images.

Murakami Tension Meter: This is an essential measurement tool if you stretch or re-tension your screens.  This highly accurate tension meter is capable of recording tensions up to 60 newtons. Optimum tension levels are the key to obtaining the maximum performance of the mesh.

Moisture Meter: When is the screen dry enough to expose? This measurement tool  measures the internal moisture level of your emulsion with one easy read button.  Press the metal sensors against the dry emulsion and the ‘read’ button to determine if it is ready to expose.  This measures the internal moisture levels, not what may feel dry to the touch.

Murakami’s Thickness Gauge: accurately measures the difference between the mesh thickness and the emulsion thickness to obtain accurate emulsion over meshmeasurements. EOM percentages from 4-12% are common with the lower percentage typical for graphics and the upper percentage typical for water base and discharge printing

Microscope: 50X Microscope, 100X Microscope, 100X Microscope w/light. These high quality microscopes allow critical inspection of stencil openings, coating, and stencil development. Applications: Evaluate screen stencil exposure to light and reveal undercutting (over exposure), or under-exposure of emulsion from incorrect exposure times. Helps process control of fine halftones or line work. Inspect for air bubbles in emulsion caused by incorrect rapid coating procedures. (Air bubbles form behind the mesh knuckles when emulsion is coated too fast with an emulsion coater.) For print inspection to fine tune registration or definition of fine details.

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Murakami Process Tools

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