Single Durometer

High performance polyurethane squeegee blade. Durable sharp edge with outstanding resistance to swelling. Maintains profile and durometer during production. Crisp sharp printing edge. Sold in rolls: 2″ x 146″ except for 70 durometer which is sold in 72 inch rolls.

65 Durometer: Water base and discharge printing.  Using a softer squeegee blade can improve stencil life and increase ink saturation in the garment.  This will help improve color in both discharge and water base before and after washing of the apparel.

70 Durometer Squeegee is an alternative to 75 durometer and comes in a 72 inch roll.  Excellent for both textile and graphic applications.

75 Durometer: Used universally in textiles for plastisol, water base and discharge printing.  For Graphics it can be used for spot color printing and tonal work.  For Industrial printing it prints solvents, epoxy and UV well.

85 Durometer: Graphics printing and Apparel specialty inks.  Graphics UV printing often uses harder squeegees to control ink deposition.  Specialty inks like high density, solder pastes, and very viscous inks often need a stiffer blade to shear properly from the mesh.

Triple Durometer Squeegee

High performance triple durometer polyurethane squeegee blade. A three layered blade with printing characteristics of a 65 durometer edge with a stiffer 95 durometer center to maintain correct squeegee angle and blade flex. Sold in rolls: 2″ x 146″

Triple Durometer 65-95-65: A triple durometer squeegee provides a soft print edge and a stiffer backbone to the squeegee blade to prevent excess flexing of the blade to preserve the squeegee print angle.  Good for baseplates and stronger water base and discharge color.

Triple Durometer 75-95-75: This triple durometer squeegee is very popular for many screen print applications.  It provides excellent print control for plastisol base plates to maintain halftones or to print specialty inks like high density or gels.  For graphics printing it can print excellent spot color and obtains excellent coverage for opacity needs.

Triple Durometer 85-95-85: For demanding UV or Graphics printing to control dot gain or to print very fine details.  Apparel printers will be able to print very viscous thick inks like high density with more control and a greater angle to increase downward pressure and still have a sharp print edge to cut the ink.

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