Screen Chemistry

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Murakami Screen Chemistry is formulated to prepare the mesh for emulsion coating.  The various products form a compatible system to insure optimum emulsion performance.  Murakami chemistry produces less pinholes, fewer fish eyes, as well as strong emulsion adhesion to mesh and complies with local government agencies’ air quality requirements.

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SC-501, SC-505, SC-507
Screen Cleaners: Murakami screen cleaners cover any screen cleaning need. These screen cleaners form part of a system of screen preparation products designed to prepare mesh for a new job.  Available in gallon, 5 gallon and drum containers. More>

  • SC-501 is water soluble and designed to perform multiple jobs.
  • Use as: a press wash, screen opener, ink wash up, or in a re-circulating parts washer.
  • Excellent for enamel, epoxy, vinyl and plastisol ink systems.


  • SC-505 is best suited for clean up of plastisol and UV inks before reclaiming emulsion or putting the screen into storage.
  • This product can be used in a re-circulating parts washer.
  • SC-505 can also be used to remove pallet adhesive on textile presses.


  • SC-507 is a water soluble all purpose cleaner.
  • This product can clean many different types of inks: Lacquer, Vinyl, Mylar, Polypropylene, polyvinyl chloride, acrylic, poster, solder mask, epoxy, and water based inks.


Haze Remover
Screen De-hazers: Previous print runs can stain mesh with the print image.  This image can affect the coating of emulsion or show up in the next print run as a ghost print within the new print.  De-hazers remove these images from the mesh and leave it ready for coating.  Recent print runs can be removed with HR-701, for very difficult to remove images HR-700 is a stronger alternative.

  • HR-700 is a caustic haze remover that requires the following protective gear: Safety goggles with face mask, Full length Nitrile Industrial Gloves, Rubber Apron, and no open toed shoes.
  • Apply for 5 minutes and remove to prevent mesh damage as this product is caustic enough to damage mesh.
  • Rinse with water when done, avoid splash back of chemistry.

    TECHNICAL DATA SHEET  |  Material safety data sheet

  • HR-701 is a non caustic haze remover.
  • Use of personnel protection equipment is always recommended in screen reclaiming.
  • Apply to screen on both sides using a soft bristle brush to work into mesh.
  • Rinse completely prior to applying emulsion remover.


Emulsion Reclaiming:  Murakami emulsion removers can be purchased in a ready for use, a concentrate, or as SMP powder for reclaiming.

  • ER-601 is a ready for use emulsion remover.
  • Apply to both sides of screens and allow to sit for a few minutes to soften emulsion for reclaiming.
  • Can be used in a re-circulating parts washer.


  • ER-605 is a concentrated emulsion remover that is mixed with up to 30 parts water to 1 part of ER-605.
  • ER-605 can also be mixed in a concentrated form  for stronger solutions.  15:1 is commonly used for water base and discharge screens to overcome the emulsions that have been hardened for these agressive ink systems.
  • Super Strip-P mixes with water to create emulsion reclaiming chemistry.
  • Mix to desired strength.
  • Available in 1 lb and 50lb packaging.


DGR-801 Screen Degreaser
Murakami Degreaser

  • DGR-801 is formulated to clean the mesh of contaminants and leave the mesh PH balanced.
  • DGR-801 helps the emulsion coat and adhere better than standard degreasers or off the shelf products.
  • DGR-801  can be mixed 1 part product to 1 part water to extend usage.

    Technical Data Sheet  |   MSDS Request

  • MS-Degreaser is a new degreaser from Murakami that has improved performance to remove stubborn contaminants and improved cleaning properties to leave mesh in optimum condition for emulsion coating.
  • MS degreaser can be diluted 10 parts water to 1 part degreaser.
  • Promotes better adhesion and emulsion coating qualities.
  • Limits fish eyes and pinholes dramatically.
  • Excellent screen prep for capillary film, thick film and all emulsions.
  • Use a natural sponge instead of a pad or brush to preserve fine mesh. Degreasing Sponge

        MS Degreaser: Technical Data Sheet  | MSDS Request