Haze & Ghost Removers

Murakami 701 Haze and Ghost Remover is a water-soluble ink and stain remover.  This product will not attack or damage the fabric.  It is highly effective on lacquer ink, lacquer stencil, enamel, vinyl, mylar, poster ink, UV ink, and plastisol inks.

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HR-700 Haze Remover is a caustic haze remover designed to remove the most difficult mesh stains.  Personnel protection equipment is needed: Nitrile gloves, protective goggles, and rubber apron.  This product can cause severe chemical burns if it comes in contact with skin. Apply with a brush and allow to sit for 5 minutes, then rinse off.  Can damage fine meshes if left on too long.  HR-700 can also be used on hardened screen emulsion to help in emulsion reclaiming.  Apply for five minutes then rinse off, then apply emulsion remover to continue screen reclaiming.