Single Durometer Squeegee

Murakami’s high performance polyurethane squeegee blade comes in three durometers: 65, 75, and 85 Shore. Durable sharp edge with outstanding resistance to swelling. Maintains profile and durometer during production. Crisp sharp printing edge. Sold in rolls: 2: x 146″

Single Durometer Squeegee Blade 65 shore
65 Durometer: Water base and discharge printing.  Using a softer squeegee blade can improve stencil life and increase ink saturation in the garment.  This will help improve color in both discharge and water base before and after washing of the apparel. Sold in 142 inch coils.
70 Durometer Squeegee
70 Durometer: is one of the most commonly used squeegee durometers for print applications. This molded squeegee blade is resistant to swelling by solvents and can be used in almost any print application.  Sold in 72 inch coils.
Single Durometer Squeegee 75 Shore
75 Durometer: This is a universal durometer that can be used for apparel printing, (all ink types), Graphic printing, Industrial and electronics.Sold in 142 inch coils.
Single Durometer Squeegee 85 Shore
85 Durometer: Graphics printing and Apparel specialty inks.  Graphics UV printing often uses harder squeegees to control ink deposition.  Specialty inks like high density, solder pastes, and very viscous inks often need a stiffer blade to shear properly from the mesh. Sold in 142 inch coils.