Screen Room Design How It Effects Exposure Quality

The screen room plays an important role in exposure quality and how it performs on press. In most shops the screen room is given little thought other than to make it somewhat light safe to avoid exposed screens. But what about Humidity? Air Flow? Reclaiming Procedures? Sinks? Heating? Racks? Pressure Washers? All of these processes affects productivity which in turn drives profits. We go out on technical sales calls to solve exposure issues as part of our efforts to sell and provide support for our emulsions.

What we encounter: The screen room was designed as an after thought to the overall layout of the production area. A good exposure unit goes a long way in achieving the ‘perfect screen’, but a poorly laid out screen room area can negate all the qualities of a good lamp. The ultimate goal is non-stop press production, few pinholes, no breakdown on press, all of which generate better profits. A well planned screen room prevents poor exposure, standardizes the environment of the room, and leads to predictable stencil performance.

The Perfect Screen

Screen Room Equipment List:

  1. Exposure Unit
  2. Dehumidifier
  3. Screen Racks
  4. Safety Lights
  5. Hot Box
  6. Washout booth
  7. Vapor Barrier Door
  8. Pressure Washers
  9. Brushes

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For more tips on screen room layouts or for more information on using Murakami productsin production please contact our Technical Support Representatives available Monday through Friday 8am to 5pm PST at: (323) 980-0662

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