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Screens available for IME application

Murakami offers the most advanced, high quality screens for IME and other PE applications.

Technical consultation is available in order to build screen masks satisfying various print targets; registration accuracy, paste deposit volume, L/S tolerance and other critical elements associated with IME applications.

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or Call: 1.800.562.3534  or 1.323.980.0662

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Murakami Pre-stretched Screens

Murakami Pre Stretched Screens can be stretched with any of our Smartmesh meshes.  Stretched on precision stretchers with balanced tensions from frame to frame and consistent mesh to frame orientation for predictable halftone angles.   Screens retain higher workable tensions for more jobs with e...

Murakami Technical Support Helpline

Contact us today for technical Support, for screen room training needs or screen making questions; 323.980.0662 800.562.3534 ...

Murakami T9

Murakami T9 as well as all other SBQ pure photopolymer emulsions and diazo based emulsions all expose well on LED exposure systems.   Call us today for a recommendation for your shop: 1.800.562.3534 Expose the Quality ...