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Murakami Screen Printing Glossary Bb



Back Clamps: Clamps are located in the back of the print head of a screen printing press and holds the screen in place. Also known as rear clamps.

Bitmap: A graphic image comprised of individual bits in a computer file, with each bit or group of bits corresponding to a pixel in the image. A .bpm file extension composed of individual pixels. See bitmap image below.

Black light: Lamp that emits ultraviolet light. The light appears Violet to the human eye. While these lights produce UV light, it is insufficient to create strong screens. See black light bulb below.

Black and White Artwork: Any art or image that is composed of a black image on a white backround. Also referred to as line art. See black and white artwork below.

Bleed: When die migrates from the fabric into the imprinted ink on a garment. The problem occurs in 100% polyester fabric or 50/50 blend garments. Use of bleed resistant inks and taking proper precautions when printing, curing and handling of garments can help avoid dye migration or bleed.

Blend: Printing of more than one color ink simultaneously on the same screen causing a mixing or blending effect between different ink colors.

Blockout: A liquid chemical similar to emulsion used to blockout areas of the screen that you do not want ink to pass through. Also used to fix pinholes. (Click on image below to read more about Murakami 901 & 905 Blockout.)

Build up: A condition that occurs during the printing process in which ink collects on the bottom of the screen during wet onto wet printing.  Also referred to as ink buildup.

Burn: To burn an image onto an emulsion coated screen using light to create a stencil for screen printing.

Butt Registration: Alignment of artwork in which the registration of colors line up without any gap or line flush up against one another.

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