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Murakami Screen Printing Glossary Dd



Darkroom: A room that can be made completely dark to allow the processing of light sensitive or photosensitive materials.


Degrease: The process of washing a screen with a degreasing solution to remove all traces dirt and oils prior to coating the screen with emulsion. This process aids in preventing pinholes and fish-eyes common problems that occur during production. See degreasing instructions below

Dehaze: Removing ghosted images from a screen using a caustic cleaning agent.

Diazo Emulsion: A photosensitive emulsion using diazo as the sensitizer. Click on image below to view diazo emulsions.

Murakami SP-1400 Diazo Emulsion

Direct Emulsion: A liquid Photosensitive emulsion that is applied directly onto a screen using a scoop coater to coat the screen.


Dot Gain: The increase in the diameter of a halftone dot during the pre-press and printing processes. View example below of dot gain.

DPI: Dots per inch; or a measurement of printing resolution indicating the number of individual dots a printer can produce in a linear one inch space.  Not to be confused with halftone line counts. Typically high quality simulated process art uses 300dpi resolution in a photoshop file to insure no pixelation occurs of the image.

Drop Shadow: An effect used in graphics to create a shadow that adds a three dimensional look to an image.See image below of Vector & Diffused drop shadow effects.

Dryer: A belt driven chambered device with one or more heating elements used for the purpose of curing a print. Can be gas, electric, or a combination of the two for textile printing. Can also be a UV Dryer for the curing of UV inks.


Drying: A term used to describe curing the print.


DTG (Direct To Garment): DTG printing, digital direct to garment printing is a process of printing on textiles and garments using specialized or modified inkjet technology.


Durometer: Unit of measurement used to describe the hardness of rubber. In screen printing it is used to refer to the hardness of a squeegee blade.


Dual Cure: Emulsion that is part diazo and part photopolymer. Click on image below for dual cure emulsions.

Murakami Photocure PRO Dual Cure Emulsion

Dye Migration: A problem that occurs when dye from the fabric turns into a gas under high temperatures and sublimates to the print layer. See example of dye migration below.

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