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Murakami Screen Printing Glossary Gg



Ganging: Images ‘ganged up’ on the screen in a grid format to utilize the print area completely and fill with images. Aids in production to produce many identical images or families of images in an economical method. Images are generally stacked and cut out on a shear cutter.

Gap Registration: When a gap exists between one color and another in the alignment of artwork.

Gel: 1.) A specialty ink used in textiles to achieve a domed gloss image. This is usually an overprint on top of a graphic to help embellish the design. Generally the ink is heated sufficiently to become very clear and transparent. 2.) To partially cure the ink for production purposes like a base plate on a rotary press.

Ghost Image: After the screen has been reclaimed a faint image that remains on the screen.

Gray Scale: Image devoid of color consisting only of white to black shadings of a continuous tone. View gray scale image below.

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