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Murakami Screen Printing Glossary Hh



Halftone: The graphic art technique that simulates continuous tone imagery through the use of dots, varying either in size, in shape or in spacing. See image below.

Halftone Dot Type: The various shapes of halftone dots. From elliptical dots to round, square or diamond shaped dots with many other types also available in most RIP software programs.

Halftone Line Count: Also known as line frequency or number of lines per inch or LPI.  Common halftone line counts for garment screen printing is a range from 35 LPI to 65 LPI. The lower the LPI the larger the halftone dots will be. The image below shows a 55 line at a 67 degree angle.

Hand: The feel of a print by touch. A print can have soft hand or a rough hand.

Heat Gun: Used to determine the temperature of a substrate also called a hand held pyrometer. Also a term used for a hand held heating device that can be used to cure a print.

Heat Transfer: The technique of printing fabrics by transferring a printed design from paper to substrate using heat and pressure.

Heat Transfer Paper: When pressure and heat are applied with a heat transfer press for a certain amount of time using a specially designed paper that will release the ink printed on it. Papers can be hot split papers for opacity, or for complete transfer of the ink, or for gloss techniques.

High Density: Is a type of specialty ink that creates thick ink deposits with a flat surface. This is done with extremely thick stencils and specialty inks. High density inks can be stacked for thicker ink deposits to control surface quality. Simulated leather, tackle twill, stitching, and 3D printed graphics are typical applications. The image below shows an example of a simulated tackle twill high density print.

Hot Split Transfer: Typically used on garments where a soft hand print is desired using a plastisol ink transfer paper that  is removed within a few seconds of application. The ink then splits leaving a portion of ink on the substrate or garment and a portion is left on the paper.

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