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Murakami Screen Printing Glossary Ii



I.D.: Refers to the inside dimensions of a screen printing frame.

Image Area: The area on a stencil or screen where the image appears.View image below of image area on the stencil.

Index Color Printing: Reducing the color palette of an image from millions of colors to a set of colors that the press can reproduce, typically from 8-12 colors to best represent the color presentation of the image. The individual colors are then output separately onto film positives and printed in a specific order to create the print image.

Infrared: Specific energy wavelengths which produce heat. IR radiation is typically used to develop the heat in a heating element of a flash cure unit or electrical textile dryer.

Ink: liquid or thick plastic fluids that varies depending on the print application.  Plastisol, water base and discharge are the most common inks used for textile printing.  UV and Solvent inks are the most common for graphic and industrial printing.

Ink Additive: Added to ink to alter or improve its printing properties; a chemical agent or ink additive is used.  Extenders, Reducers, Thickeners, or flow agents are all ink additives.

Ink Jet Positive: Used to create a film positive a special type of clear ink jet media printed with an ink jet printer.  Image is black. View image of ink jet film positive below.

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