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Murakami Screen Printing Glossary Mm



Magenta: A shade of purplish-red, one of the process print colors.

Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS): Supplied by the manufacturer. These informational sheets indicate the composition of product and health and safety data information with any precautions that need to be taken to protect the worker and the environment.

Mesh: Woven material made of polyester, nylon, or stainless steel with uniform openings that will be attached to a screen frame.

Mesh Count: Screen fabric measured in both directions, the number of threads in per inch (US) or Centimeter (International) The lower the number the coarser the mesh and the larger the screen opening, the higher the number the finer the thread and the smaller the opening.

Mesh Counter Determiner: A device or gauge used to determine the mesh count.

Mercury-Vapor Lamp: A type of light source used for exposing screens.

Metallic Ink: A type of plastisol ink base containing metallic particles.

Micro-registration: On the print head of a screen printing press a mechanical adjustment used for precise movement and alignment when lining up or adjusting a print job.

Mineral Spirits: A petroleum based flammable solvent that can be used to clean plastisol ink from a screen.

Misprint: A defect found in a print.

Moire: An unwanted herringbone, stripe or checkerboard like pattern that appears in a print as the result of mesh and halftone interference, mesh to substrate interference, or within the halftone prints in a job.  Screens can also exhibit ‘spot moire’ where only a certain tonal percentage is causing the interference pattern to be seen.

Monofilament: Screen mesh fabric woven from single strand threads.

Multicolor: An image or artwork containing more than one color.

Multifilament: Screen mesh fabric woven from multiple strand threads.

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