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Murakami Screen Printing Glossary Tt



Table Printer: A small table top screen printing press that can be placed on a bench or stand.  Usually includes a vacuum table and micro registration clamp holder to print one color at a time onto paper, metal, or glass.

Tack: The amount of adhesive strength on a p

Temperature Tapes: Specially made paper strips that have temperature readings printed on them indicating garment temperature as it is being run through the dryer or under the flash cure unit.

Tension: Measured in newtons the tightness or tension of screen mesh.

Tension Meter: A device used to measure the tightness calculated in newtons of screen tension.

Thixotropic: Term used to describe the properties of ink as it is stirred.  Cold plastisol ink is stiff, the more it is stirred  the smoother it becomes and the thixotropic qualities of how the ink will perform on press are improved.

Tint: To change the color of an ink by adding white or another color to it.

Tonal Range: The difference between the lightest and darkest color in an image.

Toner Darkening: A chemical spray used to make a vellum positive more opaque.

Toxicity: Degree to which something is able to produce illness or damage to the user.

Transfer: A term used to describe indirect printing.

Transfer Adhesive: A powdered adhesive that will improve adhesion of a transfer to a substrate.

Transfer Inks: Plastisol and water base specialty inks that are used for printing cold peel, hot peel and specialty transfers for athletic performance fabrics.

Translucent: The property of allowing light to pass through diffusely.

Transparent: Allowing light to pass through completely.

Trap: Placed around a fill color an outline used to compensate for misregis

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