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Murakami Screen Printing Glossary Vv



Vaccum Blanket: The rubber sheeting used in conjunction with a vacuum pump system on an exposure unit to draw the screen down against the glass and film positive creating a tight bond.

Vacuum Platen: A specially made platen that has small holes drilled into its surface in which a vacuum hose is attached to its base for the purpose of holding the substrate still during the print process.  Heat transfers need vacuum platens or tables.

Vacuum Table: A special table often made of steel in which the surface has many tiny holes used in conjunction with a vacuum pump system, lightweight substrates such as paper or transfers are held down by the vacuum.

Vellum Paper: A special type of translucent paper usually printed with a laser printer to create a film positive.  Typically this is method produces less than adequate d-max or blackness within the image for strong exposures.

Viscosity: Thickness of an ink.

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