Murakami Videos

Create Strong Discharge Screens

Discover the correct methods for creating the strongest screen possible for Water base and Discharge Inks. Watch >

Achieve Bright Baseplates

Watch how easy it is to print bright opaque base plates using Murakami 150-S Smartmesh.  Print halftones & solid areas with a lower mesh count with less squeegee pressure. Watch >

Applying Murakami Thick Film

Learn the best methods for adhering thick film to the screen.  Thick Film is used in electronics and textile printing applications. Watch >

Applying MS-Capillary Film to a Wet Screen

This video will guide you through simple steps to adhere capillary film to a wet screen using the roll on technique. Watch >

Applying MS-Capillary Film with a Spray Bottle

Here is another method to apply capillary film using a spray bottle technique. Watch >

Applying MS-Capillary Film with Emulsion

For optimum durability apply MS-Film with One Pot Sol C emulsion for the strongest capillary film screen.  Watch >

How to create thick stencils with Aquasol HS: Create thick stencils with wet onto wet coating techniques.  Achieve thick stencils for speciatly textile inks like high density, gel, glitter, suede, and puff inks. Watch >

Analyzing Your Emulsion Exposures

Exposing Murakami emulsion correctly will maximize the performance on press and yield better print quality.  Get the most out of your emulsion with these tips. Watch >

Mark Gervais, an industry expert on High Solid Acrylic ink screen printing discusses all facets of printing these new ink systems from: Stencil Making, Printing, Art and Press techniques.  Our thanks goes to both Mark for sharing this important knowledge and to M&R for attending the seminar to produce these fine videos on the subject.

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Murakami Videos

Murakami T9 can print all textile ink systems, often without the need for hardeners.  The emulsion exposes well on LED and conventional Metal Halide exposure systems.  Excellent resolutio...
Screen Printing Mesh

Murakami Pre-stretched Screens

Murakami Pre Stretched Screens can be stretched with any of our Smartmesh meshes.  Stretched on precision stretchers with balanced tensions from frame to frame and consistent mesh to frame orientation for predictable halftone angles.   Screens retain higher workable tensions for more jobs with e...

Murakami Videos

  Murakami T9 – as seen at the ISS Show Long Beach 2018 Murakami T9 can print water base, discharge, plastisol, and high solid acrylic inks without the need for hardening.  Fast Exposing, excellent resolution and durabililty pro...