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Product Tips

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August 2013 Newsletter: Exposing a Screen versus Imaging a Screen This month’s newsletter examines the difference between obtaining an image on a screen versus exposing the screen completely. Underexposure is a common process in screen rooms to obtain details. Find out how to avoid underexposed screens that perform poorly on press.

Mesh Tips and Support

Murakami covers any print need with a variety of meshes to suit your application.  From special proprietary S threads for the whitest base plates you have ever seen to stainless steel trampoline screens for fine electric circuitry Murakami has the solution.

Top Print Performance with Murakami Products

From precise dot on dot registration for the life of the print run to crisp fine details with exceptional printed edge quality Murakami products combine to increase production yields and deliver the best print possible

Pre-Press Techniques, Separation, Image Control

Photoshop has helped artists produce art that would be impossible years ago. But to print quality art you need to output great separations and film to achieve the full potential of Murakami emulsions and mesh.

Product Tips