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Top Print Performance with Murakami Products

Print Performance vs. Material Costs Quite often we run into shops where price determines the products used for production.  Following this line of thought, everything then should be bought based on price.  Ever try that with your car?  Probably not since we choose a car based on whether it will perform and how dependable it is for the long road ahead.  The same applies to the most important tool you use, your screens, after all the better they perform (print quality) and the more durable they are (production yields), the more profitable your shop becomes.

Automatic Textile Presses the Hidden Costs: Automatic textile presses require more company resources than meets the eye.  Too often buyers focus on the maximum production index speed without realizing the sub systems necessary to reach maximum production.

Screen Room Design: How it affects exposure quality. The screen room also plays an important role in exposure quality and how it performs on press. In most shops the screen room is given little thought other than to make it somewhat light safe to avoid exposed screens.

Who’s running the Shop? As a company grows an owner may have moved from a labor position to a management position. Gone are the days when screens were prepared correctly. Owner’s look around the shop as they grow and replace themselves with the highest qualified candidates available. However, as we will see, many techniques and ‘best’ practices disappear when job positions change within a shop. Often it’s the lack of training that runs the shop.

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