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Murakami Screen

Pre Stretched and Pre Coated Screens:
For Graphics and Textiles


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Murakami can stretch small 20×24″ and frames up to 60×120″ and anything in between. Stretch with any of our mesh counts, listed here.

Graphic screen printing or proprietary print processes:
We can coat up to 37″ width with any Murakami emulsion.

We  can also apply MS Capillary film up to 25″ wide in the following thicknesses:
10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 50, 80, 100 (microns).  We use a Direct/Indirect method. (Adhered with emulsion for maximum durability and print quality of the stencil.)
Stencil Thicknesses monitored coninually

Textile Screens – We offer 20″x24″, 23×31″, and 25×36″ pre stretched new screens.  We also restretch on customer supplied frames.  (Call for details 1.800.562.3534)
Mesh Counts Available

We can pre coat textile screens with any of our emulsions on an auto coater for optimal EOM and stencil thickness.

We also offer textile screens with Murakami Thick Film applied, (16″x23″ sheet size.)
Thick Film Thicknesses in microns: 100, 150, 200, 250, 300, 350, 400, 700, 1000.

Murakami T9 Emulsion for all textile inks

Murakami T9 can print all textile ink systems, often without the need for hardeners.  The emulsion exposes well on LED and conventional Metal Halide exposure systems.  Excellent resolution and durability in a pure photopolymer emulsion. 

Screens reclaim much easier than hardened screens:
Video of T9 reclaiming.  

Smartmesh Mesh Panels for Retensionables

Smartmesh panels by Shurloc are the easy way to stretch on Newman Roller Retensionables.  The mesh never touches the channel edges or old locking strips that can have burrs on them that can cause mesh to tear.  The panels have locking strips already attached that clip into the channels easily for faster stretching.  The mesh rests on these strips and avoid sharp edged channels.  This is especially helpful on older Newman Frames with dents or nicks.

S Mesh stretches much safer with Smartmesh Panels  by Shurloc.

Step Test to Determine Proper Exposure Times

Creating an Exposure Step Test:
How to maximize Murakami Emulsions

Proper emulsion exposure is crucial to your bottom line. Nothing is more costly than having a press stop during production. Quite often the problem can be traced back to poorly exposed screens that exhibit pinholes, stencil breakdown, or poor quality prints that will affect production yields. [READ MORE]

Image vs. Exposure

Exposing a Screen vs. Imaging a Screen

Complete emulsion exposure versus obtaining an image on the screen provides two very different results during production. Let’s start at the beginning to see how this difference is often the difference between… [READ MORE]

Using S Thread

Using Thin Thread Mesh Discharge Ink:

Discharge Prints are more vibrant and have greater details using the proper thin thread mesh. S-thread mesh allows the ink to pass with ease through a greater open area than is achievable… [READ MORE]

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